George was born into an aviation family being a third generation pilot as well as second generation ag pilot. He began logging flight time at 15 years old and soloed at 16 with private, seaplane and instrument ratings at 17 followed by commercial, multi-engine and commercial seaplane at 18, and later on a helicopter rating.

His ag flying career began in 1997 at age 23 and he has been flying ag exclusively since 1998. George's flight time now totals over 21,000 hours with 15,000 ag time. Previous to moving to Idaho in 2005 to start Crop Jet Aviation he filled 19 different seats in agricultural aviation in 14 states. Flying on over 20 different types of crops in 16 different models of ag-specific aircraft.

His work in the Intermountain West since April 2005 consists of over 750,000 acres of regular farm crop work, grass-hopper control for USDA-APHIS and over 500,000 acres of application work for various government agencies. Over 200,000 of those acres applied being fire rehabilitation seeding of native grasses with the balance being liquid herbicide work for cheatgrass control. All of the BLM, Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and APHIS work required the use of GIS shape files and a downloaded printout for billing.

An active participant in industry organizations, George has been the president of the Idaho Ag Aviation Association as well as an Idaho director for the Pacific Northwest Aerial Applicator's Alliance, he attended the 2013 National Agricultural Aviation Association leadership training program, Leadership at its Best. George is currently the Idaho board member to the Nation Agricultural Aviation Association.
Always an industry and air safety advocate, George was the primary lobbyist in the passing of Idaho House Bill HB511, Idaho's MET tower marking law, signed by governor Otter in 2013. He also serves on multiple airport advisory boards and committees.
Local civic involvement includes: local athletic team sponsorships, FFA stock sale purchases, donations of aircraft flight time to local law enforcement agencies.

George currently holds pesticide applicator licenses in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming.


Jed has been with Crop Jet for 3 years, serving in multiple capacities from CDL/HAZMAT driver, to FAA certified aircraft mechanic, to pilot. Jed grew up in a Southern Idaho farming family, so the transition from agriculture and aviation to agricultural aviation was a natural fit. Jed now pilots N3104W for Crop Jet.


Crop Jet Aviation maintains a full staff of ground service personnel for the loading and maintenance of aircraft. Crop Jet loading crew hold CDL/HAZMAT, tanker endorsements and are Idaho State Department of Agriculture mixer/loader trained.